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RansomGuard Cybersecurity Training

We offer a variety of trainings for your business and governmental needs.


State of Texas Certified Cybersecurity Training

In accordance with HB 3834, certain state and local government employees and state contractors are required to complete a cybersecurity training program certified by the state cybersecurity coordinator.  We are proud to be State of Texas-certified cybersecurity trainers, and will be happy to assist your governmental office remain in compliance with this law. 

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Phishing Campaigns

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  By subjecting your staff to simulated phishing emails, your company will be able to measure with accuracy any weak links and need for additional training and education.  With this information in hand, and with regular phishing attempts, we can not only give you snapshots, but more importantly, crucial trends in staff knowledge and security efforts.



Long, boring training sessions aren't a way to ensure staff compliance and education.  Instead, weekly, 5 minute microtrainings delivered straight to each staff member can assist in reinforcing lessons and ensure that up-to-date information is being relayed throughout the year.  

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Dark Web Scans

A dark web scan of your company's domain can help you assess if any of your employee's have experienced a breach of their work or private accounts, thus rendering them more vulnerable to future online and identity thefts if decisive action isn't taken.  By revealing these thefts, we can help your personal data remain just that - personal.  With an increasing number of employees using their work computers for a variety of uses, the line between personal and work data is slowly disappearing.   Vigilance can protect your whole staff.


Security Policies & Procedures

From fire exit strategy to ransomware attack, a set of solid, dynamic policies and procedures are crucial to ensuring that a business can bounce back from an attack or natural disaster.  We can assist with IT and cybersecurity policies and procedures and help you think through issues from a holistic standpoint.  In addition, we can develop a plan for continuous self-assessment.  


Cybersecurity Newsletter

Staying safe means staying current.  You'll receive a weekly cybersecurity newsletter that  will help keep safety at the top of your mind as you navigate the work day.


Employee Risk Assessment

Assessment of a company is both a macro and micro process.  We look at systems, infrastructure, policies and procedures, and other vital parts of a business.  But we also assess employee knowledge, measure it against accepted industry rubrics, and determine the level of risk your company faces from its own staff.  In doing so, we can step in to educate staff and elevate the level of safety for the company as a whole.  


Security Risk Assessment

Many factors go into assessing true vs. perceived threat.  In small towns and offices especially, risk tends to be downplayed.  But the fact of the matter is that to a hacker, a small town or business is a perfect target because of its lowered defenses.  We utilize best practice to assess risk and make recommendations that can keep your whole business or town as safe as possible.

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