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NextGen investment to ensure a safer world

In our company, NextGen does not simply refer to investing in the  latest technology for our business; we recognize the talent of humans that drives innovation forth.  Because we are a woman-owned company, diversity within the cybersecurity world matters to us.  We want a world of cybersecurity experts representing a full  range of backgrounds in order to drive creativity and problem solving. 


Additionally, there is a national demand of approximately 300,000 cybersecurity professionals, with a demand for more than 20,000 cybersecurity professionals for the state of Texas, but the availability or supply of such professionals is rated “Very Low” in the Houston metropolitan area.  

Toward that end, we are proud to sponsor and support a local high school chapter of Girls Go Cyberstart, an organization founded to encourage high school girls "to explore the exciting career opportunities in the field, join the global cybersecurity community, and learn skills that will ensure our country offers a safe place to live, work and play online."  

For more information, visit and help us seek out the NextGen of cybersecurity superstars!

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