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Open any newspaper or scan through the headlines - it's clear that cybersecurity has become both a buzzword and a major concern for cities and corporations around the world.  Malware and ransomware have forced mayors the world over to confront the question of whether their towns are prepared for a cyber attack, and whether they even know what questions to ask in order to feel prepared. 

TexPC Solutions is responding to this national security crisis by creating The Mayor's CTO, an education and consulting program aimed at small-town mayors in towns with populations between 2,500-6,000 citizens.  Because why should big towns be the only recipients of great IT strategy and advice?  Our goal is to provide education, advice, and solutions specific to a mayor's town with the knowledge that what works for Chicago, New Orleans, and Atlanta may not work for Ocilla, GA, Aledo, TX, or Cody, WY.  

Coming soon: An online portal with high-quality classes and consulting services aimed at leaders and decision-makers in small towns who want to learn the basics of cybersecurity and compliance without being bogged down in techno-talk.  You will walk away with key important concepts as well as questions you can ask your IT staff in order to ensure that everyone is following best practice.  Additionally, our focus will always be mayor-centric: we will work to provide you with relevant knowledge in an ever-changing technology lanscape.  Our ultimate goal is to empower you in order to make decisions that work for your community. 

TexPC Solutions believes that national security begins at the local level, and that mayors know the needs of their towns best. 


Let us assist you to ensure a secure online presence for your town and protect you against attack.  

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