An Introduction to

Ransom Guard

RansomGuard was developed to address the pressing concerns of businesses facing the increasing threat of ransomware attacks. Witnessing the destructive impact of these attacks on multiple companies in the Houston area in 2019, we understood the urgent need for a comprehensive defense system. Our goal is to offer vulnerable businesses the necessary protection they need, fueled by our strong dedication to security and personalized service.

A Brief Video...

... showcasing the damaging effects of ransomware on unprepared organizations.

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Coupling Best-In-Class IT Expertise With Your Unique Needs

TexPC Solutions, LLC, a Houston-based IT and cybersecurity firm, can assist you with your many IT needs. We proudly support the towns and businesses that make this country so wonderful, and we understand that a cookie cutter approach simply will not do for Texas towns and business owners.  


We're creative, driven to achieve customer satisfaction, and committed to ethical transparency in our business practices.

The world of IT has become increasingly complex for both business and government, and you have better things to do than search endlessly for answers. From daily managed services to cybersecurity to disaster planning, our team is here to help make our solutions user-friendly, understandable, and realistic to implement. Worried about computer updates? We've got that covered. Concerned that your employees need training to protect sensitive data? No sweat - we have an array of training sessions to suit your needs. We believe that national security begins and ends at the local level, and that those who serve small towns are the front line of protection.

Whatever your IT need, we can assist or find you the expert that can.

Sick of wading through all the techno-babble? We can help.


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