We've worked with cities and utility districts all over Texas.

Local Government Services

For more than 18 years, our unwavering commitment has been to assist small towns and municipalities in addressing their specific IT challenges in the public sector, all while staying within their limited budgetary constraints. Over these 18 years, we have successfully implemented Various IT support strategies in the following areas: 

Texas Mandated Cybersecurity Training

In 2020, we partnered with a range of local government entities in Texas, such as municipalities, police departments, and cities, to ensure that they were in full compliance with the recently implemented State Law. This law makes it mandatory for all employees and contractors to complete an annual minimum IT Cybersecurity training. We have been consistently collaborating with numerous local government bodies to ensure their continued compliance with this crucial regulation.

Provided Multiple Government Entities with Onsite and Cloud Backup Solutions

We have provided comprehensive backup solutions, including onsite and Cloud backup services. We assess the clients' backup needs and requirements, installing backup servers and systems on their premises and cloud based. Our expert team sets up backup schedules and configures data retention policies to meet their specific needs. We diligently perform regular backups and closely monitor the entire process. Additionally, we rigorously test the restore process.

Core Software Replacements and Recommendations

We have provided comprehensive assistance in managing, evaluating, selecting, and implementing the ideal software solutions in the following area: 

Utility billing software, office suites, project management tools, time clock and management software, court management software, police camera footage software, website and hosting services, video footage and storage systems, phone systems, audio recording materials, and site security solutions.

We offer consultation and support in security perimeter and defense in depth. 

Assist in implementing robust security measures to effectively prevent and deter unauthorized access and activities within organizations and residential recreational settings. 

Security solutions implemented include state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor camera systems. These systems feature cutting-edge PTZ cameras that can be accessed wirelessly and through cellular connections from anywhere with cellular signal. Additionally, we offer solar-powered lighting solutions to provide an added layer of safety for your premises and public/municipal park spaces. 

Implemented cutting-edge wireless infrastructures.

We have set up numerous secure wireless environments using the latest technology. These environments offer superior security and the capability to provide various secure networks for the office, internet of things (IOT), and guest networks

Executed many VPN (virtual private networks) systems.

VPN networks are virtual private networks that allow for secure and private communication over the internet. They create a secure tunnel for data transmission, encrypting data to protect it from interception and unauthorized access. VPN networks provide anonymity by masking the user's IP address and location. They can be used to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that may be blocked in certain regions. VPN networks also offer protection from cyber threats by providing an extra layer of security, making it harder for hackers to access sensitive information.