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RansomGuard IT Services

RansomGuard was created with the mission of guiding customers to an understandable and transparent view of how we view robust IT & cybersecurity best practice.  Cyberhealth requires a multi-layered approach, and RansomGuard provides that reassurance to our clients.  


Our Nine Layer Approach aims to provide the strongest possible safety

against ransomware, cryptojacking, instrusion, and theft.


People First

Perimeter Defense

File & Folder Guard

Disaster Planning

Mitigation Planning

Endpoint Guard

Breach Insurance

System Guard

Network Scans

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Managed IT Services

A managed IT package from

TexPC Solutions will provide:

  • Strategic planning from our virtual CIO

  • A bespoke plan for your company or institution that addresses all aspects of day-to-day support and services

  • Proactive support for all your IT assets and personnel

  • Robust tools to ensure hassle-free operations

  • Peace of mind


Passwords are no longer enough.  We live in a world where realtime attacks on US infrastructure number in the thousands per minute, and where constant vigilance is necessary.  With our over 22 years of IT and security experience, we will zealously guard your company's sensitive data with a multilayered approach and strategic plan.  Additionally, we can assist in training your staff in order to build security resilience.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Despite our best planning, information can be lost, natural disasters can occur, and tragedy can strike.  TexPC Solutions can assist you with disaster mitigation, emergency preparedness, and sound business planning. While it's impossible to protect against every possibility, we are committed to ensuring that your company addresses as many scenarios as possible. 

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