IT Disaster Recovery

Disasters, such as storms, floods, fires, hurricanes, and cyberattacks, can occur at any time and place.

To minimize damage and ensure vital services continue, it's important to have a plan in place. In the case of government buildings, this plan is called a business continuity plan (BCP). TexPC Solutions specializes in helping government and business organizations develop comprehensive BCPs. They provide templates, guidance, and support for disaster recovery planning, including identifying critical systems and data, creating backup and recovery solutions, and testing plan effectiveness. By partnering with TexPC Solutions, government agencies and businesses can be confident in their preparedness for any potential disaster. 

What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Having a strong disaster recovery plan is crucial for businesses that rely on IT and data. It ensures that important data is not lost and allows for quick resumption of business operations in the event of a disaster such as a hurricane or flooding. The first step is to identify the essential IT systems and data. Once identified, protective measures can be put in place, such as off-site backup and duplicating critical systems. These measures enable data restoration and uninterrupted business functioning during a disaster. A well-designed disaster recovery plan minimizes the impact of a disaster and keeps the business running smoothly. We follow eight steps in creating a DRP.

Our clients collaborate with us to develop a comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). We conduct regular disaster simulations and tests throughout the year, covering various scenarios and classifications, using a playbook as a guide.