Cybersecurity involves safeguarding important systems and sensitive data from digital attacks.

It I also referred to as IT security and focuses on countering threats to networked systems and applications, regardless of whether they come from within or outside an organization.

90% of companies that lost their data filed for bankruptcy within a year. 

We employ various proven techniques to enhance your cybersecurity. Our nine layers of protection, combined with compliance laws, aim to ensure your business's safety. While complete protection from cyber-attacks is not guaranteed, implementing each of our nine layers significantly reduces the likelihood of a successful attack and safeguards your business information.

People First

As State of Texas certified cybersecurity trainers, we can help your team remain compliant with HB 3834 requirements. Additionally, we can help your workplace build resilience against cyberattack through its weakest link - people. One-time and ongoing classes, as well as simulated phishing campaigns and dark web scans, can help everyone raise their level of cyber awareness.

Perimeter Defense

Through hardened firewalls, our team can implement a multi-layer approach that safeguards your website and file safety. Perimeter defense ensures that every bit of information coming in and out of the organization is scanned and assessed for the possibility of infection.

Endpoint Guard

We protect all things. Endpoint protection is the protection of all vulnerable points in the network, including cell phones, laptops, and desktops. This can include installing ransomware protection and dynamic AI (Artificial Intelligence) software, virus, and spyware protection, and carefully assigning user authorization levels in the system. Protection from suspicious behavior requires extraordinary vigilance, and we welcome the challenge.

File & Folder Guard

Protecting your data hub is of utmost importance, and this includes file protection at the source, protection against unauthorized network changes, and setting strong admin access protections. Knowing who has access to every level of security is critical to cyberhealth.

Network Scan

Regular internal and external scanning can assist in closing internal security holes. We use third party applications and services to assess vulnerabilities. Once those Vulnerabilities are addressed, we then use the Security Validation Platform. Providing a comprehensive outlook on cyber risk, along with indispensable insights to proactively mitigate potential threats through continuous simulation of attack scenarios.

System Guard

Updated systems constitute an important aspect of cybersecurity. By ensuring that all operating systems, third party programs, and hardware-related software are updated to reduce weak points, we make sure that criminal hackers cannot exploit those weaknesses, thus decreasing the chance of a cyberattack.

Disaster Planning

Effective disaster training requires careful risk assessment, budgetary planning and forecasting, and assistance in creating a superhero response team with a solid plan in place. Our layering of multiple on and off-site backups will also ensure that your information is replicated and stored correctly, resulting in reduced data loss. Through planning, education, and drills, your organization will be empowered and can rest easy knowing that you've covered all the bases.

Mitigation Planning

Sometimes, even with the best of training and preparation, a breach can occur. If the worst happens, your disaster training coupled with our technological resources and fast response will help to bring you back online as quickly as possible.

Breach Insurance

is there when you need to recover from a breach and will help your peace of mind. We work with a variety of service providers to help you cover your risk.